A task force has been created by North Ayrshire Council to tackle the housing issues in Arran.

The Arran Task Force will work with the Scottish Government, local community groups and Registered Social Landlords who operate on the island to examine issues faced by residents and businesses.

Through this, the group hopes to determine the demand for affordable housing and highlight problems affecting economic sustainability and growth.

Councillor Alan Hill, cabinet member for communities and islands, said: “We know the problems faced by our island communities, particularly the high demand for affordable housing.

“This is an exciting piece of work which we will use to feed into work being carried out by the Scottish Government with an aim to share best practice on housing across our island communities.

“There have long been issues on the island with local businesses unable to find housing for their workforce.

“It’s vital for the island’s economic fortunes that we have affordable housing in place which allows for the retention and attraction of a working-age population.”

The task force come after a mini enquiry held by the council in January called for more social and affordable housing.

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Having already met twice, the task force hope to be able to finalise the outcome of their research in the summer.

Until then the group will create an action plan to look into funding solutions and construction options for island housing.

The council has tried to address some of the issues surrounding the lack of housing on the island by constructing over 30 council homes.

He added: “Although we recently completed 34 new council homes at Brathwic Terrace, we know that further action is required and the taskforce will be focused on finding solutions to these issues.

“We are also delighted to continue to work with and support Arran Development Trust and others who are seeking to deliver their own housing projects on the island.”

The council have plans to communicate directly with locals with more details to be announced later.

More information on the Arran Housing Task Force can be found by calling the Affordable Housing Team on 01294 324031 or emailing them at developmentandstrategy@north-ayrshire.gov.uk.