A famous 'rude restaurant' is coming to Ayrshire next month.

Karen's Diner, which has been a hit in Australia, America and recently in England, is bringing the unique experience to Ayr as part of a pop-up tour.

It is famed for a deliberately unpleasant dining experience, with staff instructed to insult customers throughout their meal.

A spokesperson for the tour said: "Residents of Ayr, and visitors, if you get any, now we've finally found you on the map we have decided to grace you with a visit from Karen's Diner on Tour.

"Now you're bloody long trek away so get off your lazy arses and get those tickets booked pronto.

"Bring your mates, your neighbours or your granny, we really don't care...see you there."

The diner will come to Central Park, Ayr on Boswell Road from April 28 to 30, with the business promising an experience like no other.

Tickets are available here.