Ayrshire’s Nappy Library is holding meet-ups to help parents understand the economic and environmental benefits of cloth nappies.

The library is back in full swing after meetings slowed down over the past year and will now be hosting regular meet-ups throughout Ayrshire.

With a meet-up planned for Friday, March 31 in Irvine’s Fullarton Connexions and one in Dundonald’s Parish Church for Monday, April 3 the ladies at the library hope more parents will be able to access cloth nappies and learn of the benefits.

Volunteer of two years Jenn said: “It’s such a minefield with nappies there’s so many different brands, different sizes, different styles and different materials.

“It’s all really quite complicated when you first look at it but when you get into it, it’s a lot simpler.

“We can help you with fitting them and making sure they’re adjusted properly, and you’ve got the absorbency right.

“It also gives people the opportunity to come and borrow and we’ll give them a demonstration while they’re there.”

Many parents may be interested in cloth nappies not just to reduce waste and spending money but because they reduce the risk of nappy rash.

This is because they don’t contain the chemicals found in disposables and are made of less abrasive materials.

While Jenn admits cloth nappies may seem dearer at first, as a standard pack costs £20 to hire for three months, they are cost effective and can save money over time.

To further encourage parents to use cloth nappies, over the past couple of years the library managed to get a hold of new and improved nappy sets for parents to hire – but are still providing access to their old sets for free.

Jenn added: “When we took it over, the nappies were quite old and dated and there wasn’t anything new.

“We weren’t charging for any kits at that point it was all completely free but that kind of showed in the quality of the nappies and we weren’t getting a huge uptake to be honest.

“We managed to get some donations from different brands and make our kits look really nice and inspiring with different patterns and styles.”

While the standard kit is £20, sets are available from £10 and nappies for new-borns are also able to be hired.

Parents who wish to hire cloth nappies or attend a meet-up should contact the Ayrshire Nappy Library via Facebook and Instagram (@AyrshireNappyLibrary) or over email at ayrshirenappylibrary@outlook.com.