AFTER three years of delays, it's been dubbed 'The tour that nearly didnae tour'.

However, for River City stars Stephen Purden, Scott Fletcher and Jordan Young, this has only added to the anticipation as they prepare to come to Saltcoats as part of their tour organised by promoter Ross Owen.

For the trio - who have spent nearly a decade together on the popular Scottish soap opera - it has only gave them more time to add to the "banter" and the "utter nonsense" their show will bring.

And the three took the time to speak to the Herald about exactly what fans can expect when the come to Saltcoats Town Hall on May 5.

For Stephen Purdon, famed for his role as 'Shellsuit Bob', it's a chance to reconnect with fans after a turbulent time for the entertainment industry throughout the Covid pandemic.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Stephen Purdon cannot wait to come to town.Stephen Purdon cannot wait to come to town. (Image: The Ross Owen Show)

He said: "It feels great because lockdown was a very unsettling period for the industry we are in.

"To actually be able to be together again and visit these venues, it feels like we have come a long way."

While Jordan Young, known for both his role as Alex in River City and as PC Jack McLaren in Scot Squad, echoed these thoughts.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Jordan Young says the boys have even more stories to tell now.Jordan Young says the boys have even more stories to tell now. (Image: The Ross Owen Show)

He commented: "I’m delighted to finally be able to do this tour with the boys after the disappointment of it being cancelled due to Covid.

"Now we have three years worth of more stories, more experience and more utter nonsense to talk!"

So what will this "utter nonsense" be? What can those coming to the show expect to see and hear?

The show itself is a question and answer type evening, where the audience have the chance to drive the show as much as the three actors.

Scott Fletcher, who plays Angus in the soap opera and is also well known for his role in Gary Tank Commander, looked to explain this a little more.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Scott Fletcher says that the audience make the show.Scott Fletcher says that the audience make the show. (Image: The Ross Owen Show)

He told the Herald: "Who knows what to expect! Most of the evening is down to what questions the audience members ask.

"I think that’s why I enjoy doing the shows so much. It’s different every time.

"It’s brilliant. Most people who come to the shows are there because they watch is in River City and feel like they know us. But by the end of the night I feel like we know the audience too!

"The three of us are really good pals. I think that comes across on stage. We’re all dads too so doing these shows is a bit like a night out for us."

And Stephen concurred, adding: "They can expect a lot of banter. The way the show goes, the audience are as big a part of it as we are.

"It's good to get people out and about again - and it's good for local businesses too."

This is something Jordan highlighted also - that coming to venues like Saltcoats only adds to the ocassion.

He hopes that people from the Three Towns and beyond can get down and support them, and help everyone feel the benefits.

He said: "It’s always lovely to be at a more intimate venue as you can see who you’re talking to. It feels more of a shared experience than a much larger venue.

"I’d urge everyone to come along, you don’t need to be River City officianado, it’s about having a good night night out and hearing stories from right across the industry.

"I’ve been in the show nine and a half years, I've worked with Stephen that whole time. Scott has been in eight and a half years and I share a dressing room with him. It’s fair to say we know each other well!

"I love the bones of these boys, they make me laugh every single day. I’m sure our fondness for each other and the show will come across on the tour."

The show is already selling well, and a limited number of tickets remain for the trio's trip to the seaside.

Those wishing to attend, and find out more information, can buy tickets online at