A GROUP of Three Towns young people have told how a "once in a lifetime" opportunity has helped their dream become a reality.

Health and fitness has becoming a booming industry in recent years - particularly following the Covid pandemic.

And though many young people find their way into careers, not many will manage to take on businesses of their own before their 24th bithrdays.

But for Three Towns quartet David Reid (23), Jenna Edmund (21), Martin Johnson (20) and Nathan Downer (19), that is exactly what has happened.

The four youngsters took a massive leap at the end of last month by taking over the old Blades Gym in the Nobel Business Park in Stevenston.

Renamed the Armageddon Gym, the team took over the facility after the previous owner William Blades posted his intentions to hand over the facility to anyone wishing to run the gym - free of charge.

David told the Herald: "We went to William Blades to show our interest in the Facebook post he made about giving a person/group of people an amazing opportunity to run their own gym.

"We talked for a bit, and voiced our aspiration of taking it over. The next day he decided that we were a good, tight-knit group that will succeed in the takeover.

"We are all fitness enthusiasts who want to make an impact in our community, so jumping at this opportunity at the first chance was the right thing to do for us.

"It has always been a personal dream of all of us as individuals to run our own gym.

"We would just like to thank William Blades for this amazing opportunity to make our dream a reality."

And while the group are all entusiastic about making their dreams a reality, they are under no illusions about the challenges this will pose.

David added: "As newcomers we expect it to be a very daunting task to advertise the gym when it’s been shut for a couple of months - as well as the amazing competition from other gyms around the Ayrshire region.

"However we believe that Armageddon can rise to the challenge.

"It will definitely have its ups and downs, but as motivated and aspiring young people, we want to create a fun environment that people can get stronger mentally and physically through exercise and community."

So how exactly do they hope to set themselves apart.

David explained: "Armageddon have a unique range of equipment that might not be seen in other gyms.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: David says the gym boasts a unique range of equipment that might not be seen in other gyms.David says the gym boasts a unique range of equipment that might not be seen in other gyms. (Image: Submitted)

"We strive to cater to the inexperienced as well as the experienced gym goer, as we have an array of equipment at our disposal - as well as a fun and interesting selection of classes available.

"We at Armageddon want to help people achieve their best selves and to build a community around the same goal we have of getting fitter and stronger together."

There is certainly a unique project brewing at the unit on Central Avenue - and David is excited for the public to be part of the journey.

He added: "We would appreciate if people could follow the Armageddon pages on Facebook and Instagram for updates and information on the gym.

"We also welcome people to come down to talk to us about memberships or classes you can get involved in.

"Keep an eye out for an open day coming soon and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries."

The Armageddon Gym is open from 6am until 10pm Monday to Friday, and from 6am until 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

A monthly membership is available from £30, while those wishing to just try the facility out can buy a day pass for £5.

For more information, visit their Facebook page - facebook.com/armageddon.gym - find them on Instagram at _armageddon_gym or email gym.armageddon@gmail.co.uk.