The annual Dalry Farmers Show was a great success as the sun shone down on Lynnholm.

Here are the results of the industrial section of this year's show.

Produce Section

Six Hen Eggs: 1 Aurora Scott; 2 Joanna Thomson; 3 Quintin Scott

Individual trifle: 1 Rielle Cameron; 2 Elizabeth Martin; 3 Katrina McBlaine

Jar of jelly: 1 Elizabeth Martin; 2 Helen Harkness

Jar of Lemon Curd: 1 Elizabeth Martin; 2 Emma Harkness; 3 Katrina McBlaine

Jar of Marmalade: 1 Elizabeth Martin; 2 Helen Harkness; 3 Nanette Blyth

Ramekin of Pate: 1 Elizabeth Martin; 2 Shirley Martin

Flask of Soup: 1. Fearne Smith; 2 Joanna Thomson.

Four Pieces Tablet: 1 Rielle Cameron; 2 Laura Blyth; 3 Nanette Blyth

Floral Section

Arrangement of Herbs in container: 1 Rielle Cameron; 2 Helen Harkness

Pot Plant [Flowering]: 1. Holly Gemmell; 2 Anne Buchan

Hand Tied Bouquet-Vase/container: 1 Helen Harkness

Baking section

Two Pancakes: 1 Rielle Cameron; 23 Nanette Blyth; 3 Holly Gemmell

Two Cheese Oven Scones: 1 Laura Blyth; 2 Nanette Blyth; 3 Katrina McBlain

Two slices of Boiled Fruit Loaf: 1 Rielle Cameron; 2 Helen Harkness; 3 Nanette Blyth

Two Slices  of Banana Loaf: 1 Rielle Cameron; 2 Laura Blyth: 3 Holly Gemmell

Wedge of Iced Butter Sponge: 1 Holly Gemmell; 2 Nanette Blyth; 3 Laura Blyth.

Two Chocolate Brownies: 1 Katrina McBllaine; 2 Holly Gemmell; 3 Laura Blyth

Two Shortbread Biscuits: 1 Rielle Cameron; 2. Holly Gemmell; 3 Mrs J Wilson

Two Single Meringues: 1 Jennifer Seaton; 2 Rielle Cameron; 3 Katrina McBlain

Two pieces  Traybake: 1 Rielle Cameron; 2 Erin Walker; 3 Jane Seaton

Two Truffles: 1 Rielle Cameron; 2 Emma Harkness; 3 Jennifer Seaton

Handcraft Section

Sewn Article: 1 Elizabeth Cuthbertson; 2 Jennifer Seaton; 3 Katrina McBlain

Knitted Article: 1 Katrina McBlaine; 2 Violet M Barbour: 3 Elizabeth Cuthbertson

Crocheted Article: 1 Katrina McBlain

Favourite Trinket Dish: 1 Nanette Blyth; 2 Jennifer Seaton: 3 Isla Morgan

Handmade Clebration Card: 1 Violet M Barbour; 2 Elizabeth Cuthbertson; 3 Katrinsa McBlain

5mtr of Handmade Bunting: 1 Helen Harkness; 2 Elizabeth Cuthbertson: 3 Irene Stobo

Photograph with a Caption: 1 Katrina McBlain; 2 Christine Shields; 3 Elizabeth Cuthbertson

Children's section: Primary 1 and pre school

Favourite Drinking Water Bottle: 1 Isla Wilson; 2 Jase Parker; 3 Harper Thomson

Handprint Painting A4: 1 Zack Gallagher; 2 Emmie Hodgart; 3 Jack Thomson

Primary 2  -  4

Seaside on a Paper Plate: 1 Esmee McGregor; 2 Cairan Hodgart; 3 Jamie Scott

Favourite Joke: 1 Ruaridh Borland; 2 Ross Scott; 3 Neil Gilbert

Crispie Cakes: 1 Jamie Scott; 2 Ross Scott; 3 Ayden Scott

Primary 5 and Over

Handmade Face Mask: 1 Fearne Smith; 2 Jennifer Brown

Poster of King's Coronation: 1 Fearne Smith; 2 Jennifer Brown

Mini Pizza: 1 Zoe Gallagher; 2 Fearne Smith; 3 Jennifer Brown

Overall winners

Produce section, sponsored by Reid's Food Services: Eizabeth Martin

Floral Section, sponsored by Intrigue: Helen Harkness

Baking section, sponsored by The Co-operative Food: Rielle Cameron

Handcraft section, sponsored by Caldwell Plumbing: Katrina McBlain

Most points in handcraft section and 21st Birthday Trophy: Katrina McBlain

Overall winner of industrial section and Houston Trophy: Rielle Cameron

Best overall exhibit and The Lavendar Trophy: Violet Barber.

Congratulations to all the winners.