A NEWLY formed North Ayrshire Scotland supporters club is looking to grew its membership.

The North Ayrshire Tartan Army only formed this year - but already offers a lot to its existing members.

Located in Scotland manager Steve Clarke's hometown of Saltcoats, the North Ayrshire Tartan Army is looking for fans to join from across the county.

It is in Saltcoats that most of the initial events will take place - including the exclusive 'pints with players' evenings and charity events.

The group will alo be running buses to home matches - with members recieving discounted bus transfers to these games.

The North Ayrshire Tartan Army is an idea that came to fruition after those who founded the group decided the area needed its own representation amongst the Hampden Park crowd.

A spokesperson explained: "For too long North Ayrshire has been without a dedicated Scotland Supporters Club, for too long we have been without a community of like-minded people getting together for the big game.

"This club aims to remedy that problem and create an inclusive and friendly environment for all.

"Whether you are hitching a lift on the bus to the game to meet your friends or you are looking to join not just for the games, but for the events too, we welcome everyone."

Membership to the North Ayrshire Tartan Army is available for £5 and those looking for more information can do so by emailing secretary@natartanarmy.co.uk.

Find out more from the North Ayrshire Tartan Army Facebook page.