Royal British Legion Scotland members from the Three Towns are feeling safer in their homes - after having free carbon monoxide alarms fitted.

The Saltcoats, Ardrossan and Stevenston branch members were contacted by Age Scotland in May.

The charity was offering free carbon monoxide detectors to the elderly  who did not have an alarm or had one which was too old to be effective.

The Saltcoats, Ardrossan and Stevenston Legion members were then asked if they had an alarm, if it had recently been checked and if it was more than seven years old.

Branch president Paul Coffey told the Herald this week: "This acted as a reminder to all to check their CO alarms.

"Once we had numbers we applied to Age Scotland who agreed the numbers if they had stocks left.

"A couple of weeks later we received the alarms, so now our members and other local veterans are safer in their homes thanks to Age Scotland’s timely offer."

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a highly poisonous gas produced by the incomplete burning of any carbon fuel such as natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

This can happen when a gas appliance has been incorrectly fitted, badly repaired or poorly maintained.

CO can also build up if flues, chimneys or vents are blocked. Solid fuels, such as coal, wood, petrol, as well as oil, can also produce carbon monoxide when they burn.

CO can be deadly and is especially dangerous because you can’t see, taste or smell it, and some symptoms mimic the effects of viruses and even a bad hangover.

Legion president Mr Coffey urged everyone in the Three Towns to carry out similar checks in their homes.

He added: "If you do not have a CO alarm act now there are plenty of CO alarms available through local retailers."