An event being branded a "world first" event is coming to Kilwinning this week.

It comes as the Kilwinnning Darts Royal Rumble is due to take place at the Blacklands bowling club in the town on Sunday, July 2.

The Kilwinning darts players are introducing a concept never seen anywhere in darts as the sport meets wrestling for the event.

The Kilwinning Darts Royal Rumble will be contested by 30 players who, one by one, will come out and play one leg of 501, and the last player standing will win the coveted belt - just like popular WWE event.

And embracing the classic WWE culture, each player will have an entrance song which they will walk out to before competing.

Many of the players competing would typically play in the Kilwinning Darts 'Premier League', in a more typical best of 12 legs format.

That would usually produce some more predicatable outcomes - but that almost certainly won't be the case on Sunday.

Each player will randomly be selected to walk out to the oche and play from position one to 29.

That means the person drawn number 29 just needs to win one leg of darts to become the winner - making this the most open tournament ever played.

One of the organisers, Graham Muir, commented: "Mixing darts and wrestling together in a fun tournament - why not?

"We will see how well it works and some of the walk-ons should be interesting."

It is certainly worth keeping an eye out to see how the event turns out - and who the "surprise guest" organisers have teased will be.