Members of Kilwinning Community Sports Club have slammed "disappointing" vandalism at the club.

A representative from the community club shared a video on social media earlier today, Monday July 3, which showed some of the aftermath of the incident.

The video showed that a number of areas had been targetted - which saw the club's equipment store "kicked in", footballs stolen, nets ripped and advertisement boards around Buffs Park ripped down.

In the video, the acts were described as a "shambles" and "a disaster".

The club added that the acts were "so disappointing" and sent a warning that these acts will not be tolerated in future.

A spokesperson said: "Please have a word with your kids if you are letting them come down to play at the club, a strong word that this is not acceptable.

"From now on anyone caught misusing the club or abusing the equipment will be banned plus charges will be perused with the police. We cant have this anymore."

The acts have disappointed not only the club, but a number of locals who are frustrated to see a proud community facility misused.

One person commented: "Horrible thing to do. Give the trust to respect the place and this is what we get. Wasting their own community play area."

While another added: "Disgusting. Community resources being destroyed by a few with no respect."