A THREE Towns youth football club's chairman has issued a warning after they were informed a scammer had been using their name.

Stuart Roy, of the Ardeer Thistle Youth Academy, warned local businesses of the alleged scam with a post on social media earlier this week.

He said that he had been notified that someone who they say was called "Gary Marshall" had been calling up businesses asking for sponsorship for the youth academy.

Stuart added: "We can confirm we DO NOT have a Gary Marshall in our set-up.

"If you have been contacted by him please do not send him any donations.

"If business aren’t sure please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can confirm who you're talking to is part of our set up."

For those who wish to contact the youth academy chairman, he said he can be contacted on 07745908138 or by emailing the club on ardeerthistlefcyouthacademy@gmail.com.