A VOUNTEER group dedicated to improving "our wee town" is on the look-out for more members to join the cause.

With nearly 900 members at present, SeaSalt Streets is hoping more locals will want to support their grand plans for Saltcoats.

It is also open to plenty of new ideas people may have for enhancing the local area.

The group, made up of volunteers, wants to improve the town for visitors and locals alike.

A spokesperson said: "It is evident that our wee town is in dire need of some TLC, so that is where we come in and try to do.

"We seek out opportunities within the town centre and surrounding areas to improve the look of the place.

"Working in partnership with supportive local businesses, other community groups and development trusts.

"However, none of our work can be planned and subsequently done without our hard working volunteers.

"We know we have widespread public support both in the community and on Facebook but we need more volunteers to carry on the work that we have done so far."

So what exactly would joining the group mean? There are a number of ways to get involved and SeaSalt Streets are accepting of all.

The spokesperson continued: "Being a volunteer for SeaSalt Streets entails a few meetings - once or twice a month. If we have an event or workshop coming up then it is a weekly meeting, to make sure everything is prepared and ready to go.

"Group volunteers liaise with business owners/schools/council and the general public.

"We come up with practical ideas such as cleaning and painting street furniture, new bins etc to off the wall ideas, such as the 'seagull' stealing your chips or the 'ship to shore' games at the talking wall - no idea is a daft one.

"We understand not everyone likes meetings, preferring to be hands on and that's fine - you can still join us and be an active member in the community and help with ongoing projects."

If you fancy getting involved, you can see more about the group on its Facebook page here - or contact Annie via email at armannie@live.co.uk to find out more.