Dalry-based social enterprise company Mecoco held a successful open evening last week - allowing North Ayrshire Provost Anthea Dickson to try her hand at candlemaking.

The company employs disabled and able-bodied young people to make candles, reed diffusers and other fragrance products.

The open evening took place at the Mecoco workshop in Dalry, and was attended by a number of guests, including Provost Dickson and North Ayrshire councillor Margaret Johnson, with both taking part in the candle-making procedure.

Guests, including owners and staff from other local businesses, had the opportunity to learn about the unique story of Mecoco, sample their products, and see how they’re made.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Mecoco

Each guest was also presented with a goodie bag at the end of the evening.

A Mecoco spokesperson said: "We were really appreciative of everyone who came along to learn more about us, and the excitement and enthusiasm gave us a much-needed boost as we prepare for the very busy Christmas season."

Mecoco was founded in 2019, and is based on the belief that all young people should have the opportunity to do something meaningful with their time.

They currently have 20 colleagues in the team, all volunteering, and they all come for work experience one shift each week.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Mecoco

The company said: "Colleagues work together - some are disabled and some are not. Friendships are formed and a new understanding is created.

"We don't have any entrance requirements or tests. This means that our team includes those who need quite a bit of extra support, but we find ways for them to do meaningful work.

"We have designed the product, processes and equipment to make sure that as many people as possible can be involved.

"Letting go of the idea of "productivity" and embracing a wider concept of what contribution looks like is part of our message."

Find out more about Mecoco and its work at www.mecoco.org.