THE North Ayrshire Conservative and Unionist Party has confirmed that one of its councillors is "somewhat unwell".

The local branch of the party has moved to address rumours regarding the health of Kilwinning councillor John Glover.

Those from within the ward had recently brought forward concerns for his wellbeing.

Locals told us that having supported the councillor for a number of years, Cllr Glover has always dealt with their case work promptly. However, they claimed that he had "vanished" in recent months with regards to this part of his role.

But leader of the local Conservative group, Councillor Tom Marshall, has moved to assure his constituents that Cllr Glover is continuing to work.

He did confirm that the Kilwinning councillor is "somewhat unwell" at the moment but added that he is making a good recovery.

Cllr Marshall said: "It is true that he has been somewhat unwell, as happens to us all at times, but you can reassure his Kilwinning constituents that he continues to carry out his role."

The group leader added that both he and Saltcoats and Stevenston councillor Cameron Inglis are assisting Cllr Glover at the moment.

Cllr Marshall continuned: "He is making a good recovery and will return to full duties in the near future."