A LIFEBOAT team was called into action after reports of a swimmer in difficulty on Horse Island.

Volunteers from the Troon RNLI lifeboat crew were paged at 1.46pm on Sunday, September 10 to respond to the incident on the uninhabited island off the coast of Ardrossan.

The crew were informed that a swimmer may be in difficulty after entering the water and had now found their way to the island.

They assembled at the lifeboat station and alongside the Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team, were tasked by Belfast Coastguard to locate the swimmer.

They were also to provide updates to the Trent class all-weather lifeboat ‘RNLB Jim Moffat’ and D-class inshore lifeboat ‘Sheena’ as they raced to the scene.

While on route, the coastguard team observed the person on Horse Island and updated the lifeboat crew that they had re-entered the water, returning back towards Ardrossan.

As the lifeboats arrived on scene, the swimmer was located and it was found that they were not in any difficulty.

However, they accepted assistance from the inshore lifeboat crew, who aided their return into Ardrossan to the waiting coastguard team.

The lifeboats later returned to Troon and were made ‘ready for service’ with the assistance of the shore crew.

Following the callout Duty Coxswain, Ethan Harris, said: "The call to the coastguard was made with good intent and the caller did the right thing by phoning the coastguard as we would always much rather launch and find that all is safe and well, than not launch at all.

"With good teamwork between the lifeboat crew and the coastguard team, it was quickly established by the D Class crew that the swimmer on this occasion was not in difficulty however accepted some assistance from the crew.

"If you see someone in difficulty, or think you see someone in difficulty at sea or along the coast to dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard."