ONLY one bank will be left on Arran in a few months' time.

In an announcement made on Wednesday afternoon, the Bank of Scotland said it would be closing its branch in Brodick early in the new year.

Following "an in depth review" by the company, it has been announced that the bank will close on January 31, 2024.

It has also been confirmed that the bank's cash machine will also close alongside the building.

A 'closure review' report on the branch also claims it is located in East Ayrshire.

Explaining the background to the decision, the Bank of Scotland says the branch has seen "a fall" in visits.

In statistics used by the bank, it is shown that branch transactions have fallen by over half in the past five years - with ATM transactions also reduced by a similar percentage.

It adds that only 63 customers used the branch "regularly" in the past 12 months.

A closure review report prepared by the bank says: "The world is becoming more digital than ever before and more of our customers are doing their everyday banking online.

"With more customers banking digitally, we've seen a fall in branch visits. Because of this, we've decided to close this branch.

"We’re still here to support you and there’s a number of ways you can do your everyday banking with us - online, on your mobile, over the phone or at a Post Office.

"After the branch closes we’ll have a community banker visit this area. They can offer support and guidance on the ways you can bank with us. 

"Following engagement with the local community, an overview of the feedback we receive will be given in our Closing Branch Review."

The closure will leave only one bank branch left on Arran - a Royal Bank of Scotland facility, a short distance away along the seafront in Brodick.

For Bank of Scotland customers, their nearest branch will now be at Dockhead Street in Saltcoats - a ferry journey away.

The initial closure report says there was an assessment of "public transport, availability and frequency" carried out as part of the review - but does not state what the findings of that assessment were.