An Ayrshire butcher has revealed the inspiration behind a new McDonald's-style pie that is going down a storm with locals. 

The Cumbrae Butcher, in Millport, created the unique product earlier this week and islanders have been loving the novel idea. 

The McCumbrae Burger Pie contains a patty, cheese and burger sauce, all housed inside a puff pastry pie with sesame seeds on top. 

Owner Kevin Summers told Heart Radio that his fellow islanders' desire for the fast food chain was the inspiration behind his creation. 

He explained: "We live on a wee island and have no fast food takeaway places as such. 

"We've had a few locals in saying they wished they lived a wee bit closer to a well known burger chain, so that put a wee idea in my head. 

"I came up with this pie and it has gone down a storm. I make them every morning and make the burger patties fresh.

"So they are raw going into the pie along with the cheese and the secret burger sauce, and it gets baked to perfection in the oven. 

"You've got to eat it just like a cheeseburger, just whack it in, no messing."

Kevin even revealed his next creation, one that locals can look forward to trying soon. 

He said: "I think the next one is maybe a nice chicken pakora pie - we're always thinking of new ideas."