A NORTH Ayrshire man is hoping that his new small business can help people across the county mourning loved ones lost.

Lee Quinn, 32, is a grave digger by trade but has recently launched a new business - Restored Remembrance Grave Tending.

The aim of his business is to assist those unable to tend to their loved ones resting place by offering a range of cleaning servces.

Lee is currently operating right across North Ayrshire after being fully cleared by the local council to carry out the work.

The small business owner told us how he first got around to starting the business, and getting to where he is now.

He said: "As I work in the graveyard, I’ve seen headstones that haven’t been visited in some time.

"That could be due to a number of reasons - from living too far away for a regular visit to being physically unable to carry out any light cleaning yourself.

"I was working in Kilwinning Cemetery one evening and a gentleman asked me if he knew anyone who could give the headstone a wee wash.

"That was a lightbulb moment for me - that it’s a service that could actually work.

"I’m hoping to bump into the gentleman in question to thank him."

But the business was not one that always looked like it would be possible.

Lee continued: "The service has had a great reaction on social media. I originally pitched the idea there to make sure I had something, before going to my employer and discussing it.

"After being told 'no' at first, a meeting was set up to give me guidance - then weeks later I was cleared to carry out works from the legal department.

"I feel that’s an achievement in itself as I could’ve easily given up on the idea when I made that first phone call."

Lee is also the founder of the Scott Laughlan Together Fund, which he set up in memory of his mate Scott, who died due to cystic fibrosis in 2015.

"We’ve been active for over five years and raised over £10k for our chosen charities through various small events," Lee continued.

"I’d say the experience I’ve gained through my charity work has definitely equipped me better and given me the confidence to set this up.

"Like any other small business owner, I’m hoping to make this a success where everyone benefits - whether it be from me carrying out work or helping out via sponsorship."

And there has already been plenty of positive feedback for Lee, who is more than happy to be able to help.

He added: "I’ve already heard and seen the benefits I can provide. I’ve had contact from as far away as California asking me to tend to their loved ones' grave.

"I also provide a flower service where I replace and drop off flowers, which has been popular too.

"There’s also those who are disabled and unable to get graveside due to paths being filled in, which makes it difficult for them to walk - and there’s some who find the graveyard daunting or they’re simply not ready to attend graveside.

"I send before and after pictures so you can see the difference I’ve made. Sometimes you don’t notice the work you’ve done until you see a side by side comparison."

Those who feel they may benefit from the service Lee offers can contact him via the business Facebook page or by calling 07739 742761.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Lee Quinn has launched his business Restored Remembrance Grave Tending across North Ayrshire.

Lee also looked to thank those who have supported his venture thus far.

He said: "People have shown me immense kindness since I’ve started, from people leaving fantastic reviews, the amount of shares on social media, messages from friends, showing support too has been amazing.

"I’m also hoping to work alongside local businesses to help improve our service and keep folk spending locally."