NORTH Ayrshire Council has published its expenses report for the session 2022-23, revealing how much each councillor claimed.

Expenses listed in the local authority's annual return for the financial year involves a range of different categories of expenses.

This includes those that the member themselves had to claim for, or expenses which the council paid for due to being part of "official business" which should not incur a cost to a councillor.

The total amount of expenses claimed, or handed out by the council, during the past financial year was £14,978.97. This comes in at almost treble last years total of £5,017.65.

Expenses claimed varied from councillor to councillor, from two who claimed (or had nothing paid for them by the council) nothing at all, to the highest total for one member of £2,672.01.

That was claimed by Conservative councillor for Saltcoats and Stevenston, Cameron Inglis.

Of this total, Cllr Inglis personally claimed £806.14 - £296.14 for car and van mileage and £510 on accommodation. The remaining total included £444.39 of van and car mileage paid by the council and £1,400 paid by the council for training and conferences.

Only Garnock Valley councillor John Bell, and Irvine West's Louise McPhater claimed no expenses and also had no ezpenses paid by the council.

The most costly expense to the council was car and van mileage claimed by elected members, with £5,202.02 claimed in total.

The largest claim throughout the year in this categor came from Garnock Valley councillor Donald L. Reid who claimed for £1,610.69.

The only other single expense that came close to this figure was 'use of the civic car' which contributed to £4,554.81 of the total expenses claimed in the financial year.

Full breakdown of councillors by ward

(Figures only include current councillors)

North Coast

Eleanor Collie (SNP) - £21.26 *

Todd Ferguson (Conservative) -  £696.58

Alan Hill (SNP) - £922.02

Tom Marshall (Conservative) - £258.18

Ian Murdoch (Independent) - £24 *

Garnock Valley

John Bell (Labour) - £0

Anthea Dickson (SNP) - £693.04

Margaret Johnson (SNP) - £716.45

Donald L Reid (Independent) - £1,752.23

Ronnie Stalker (Conservative) - £24 *


Stewart Ferguson (Conservative) - £21.48 *

Anthony Gurney (SNP) - £652.61

Amanda Kerr (Labour) - £15.87 *


Timothy Billings (Conservative) -  £53.03

Saltcoats and Stevenston

Cameron Inglis (Conservative) - £2,672.01

Jean McClung (SNP) - £355.77

Davina McTiernan (SNP) - £638.45

Jim Montgomerie (Labour) - £98.76 *

John Sweeney (Labour) - £24 *


Joe Cullinane (Labour) - £36.33

Scott Davidson (SNP) - £210.90

John Glover (Conservative) - £54.16

Donald Reid (Labour) - £51.20

Irvine West

Scott Gallacher (Conservative) - £24 *

Shaun Macaulay (SNP) - £24 *

Louise McPhater (Labour) - £0

Chloe Robertson (SNP) - £21.48 *

Irvine East

Marie Burns (SNP) - £98.30 *

Nairn McDonald (Labour) - £21.48 *

Angela Stephen (Conservative) - £24.33 *

Irvine South

Robert Foster (Labour) - £24 *

Christina Larsen (SNP) - £32.40 *

Matthew McLean (Conservative) - £21.29 *

*denotes expenses only paid by council and not claimed by member

Expenses by political party

SNP - £4,386.68

Conservatives - £3,849.06

Labour - £271.64

Independent - £1,776.23