A KILWINNING gym have told of their delight of being able to back an "amazing" local charity next weekend.

Mission: FIT have arranged a massive fundraising effort which will take place over the course of two days - such is the extent of their efforts.

From Friday, October 27 at 6pm, until the same time on Saturday, October 28, the gym's HQ on Alexandra Terrace in Kilwinning will be home to a 24-hour 'burpee-athon'.

The day-long timespan will be split into 48 half-hour sections, with at least one person completing the much-maligned exercise throughout that time period.

A number of local sports teams, services, gym members and kind-hearted locals have already stepped up - with plenty space still available for others.

Teams of local vendors will also be popping along to support participants through this major test of endurance.

We popped along to the gym to speak to the team of Roy Blakely, Nicki Duffy and Sean MacKinnon to talk about exactly what inspired planning such a mammoth fundraiser.

The event has been organised in a bid to raise funds for local charity Megan's Space.

The charity was launched in 2019 after former St Matthew's Academy pupil Megan Copeland, a young woman from Irvine with a bright future and personality, loved by those around her, took her own life.

In the aftermath of her tragic death, Megan’s Space was founded by her parents Jenny and Rob, with the aim of stopping the same thing happening to anyone else.

The opportunity to back such an amazing local cause was one that the team knew they could not pass up - and have now ploughed their efforts into making it a success.

Every slot throughout the two days now has at least one person signed up - and the team hope the money raised can go as far as possible.

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"We wanted to support Megan's Space because they are local and because mental health and physical health are so connected," the gym team said.

"With mental health, support is so vital, and with Megan's Space, that comes much faster than the NHS. They get back within hours.

“Megan's Space help an age demographic dramatically affected by the past few years - the younger generation. They have links to almost every secondary school in North Ayrshire.

“Even events like going from primary school to high school or from there into university and trying to get a career can affect people.

"If those struggling can get that within 48 hours, like they do with Megan's Space, that is amazing.”

Being able to see the impacts the funds raised will have was another driving factor in their decision.

They added: “You get to hear and see the impact that this fund-raiser is actually having.

“Big charities are always the go to but for this the community feeling to it just seemed right.”

There are still many ways to support the event before it begins.

If you would like to donate towards the fundraiser you can do so at tinyurl.com/MissionFITfundraiser.

Or if you wish to take part, you can contact the gym directly on 07540 109823, and they'll have no problem in finding you a space - particularly if you're up for a night shift!

You can also find out more information on the event via the Mission: FIT Facebook page, facebook.com/missionfit.

Here, you'll also find further information on a free-to-attend wellness day they will be hosting on Sunday, October 29, after the 24-hour challenge is complete.

This will be open to all gym members and those who have taken part in the fund-raiser, with a number of organisations and specialists coming to Kilwinning that day to offer a hand following the event.