Maths skills of young adults across the North Ayrshire community are being boosted through a national programme funded by the UK Government.

As part of the UK shared prosperity fund (UKSPF), North Ayrshire Council has secured backing to deliver the Multiply project.

This venture aims to boost people’s ability to use maths in their daily lives, at home and work, targeting learners aged 19 and upwards who have not previously attained a level 2 SCQF, level 5 or higher maths qualification.

The Multiply team used the summer to promote the project and give it a higher profile. Its outreach programme included attendance at Take Time on The Road in Irvine, Largs, the Three Towns, Kilwinning, the Garnock Valley and Springside.

At these events, council staff  met around 1,500 North Ayrshire residents at an information stall.

They have had interest from several potential learners who gave feedback to Take Time organisers that Multiply would benefit them in some form. A further six learners signed up through self-referral for numeracy/literacy support.

As the scheme is still in its early stages, these outreach events have been vital with regard to planning and have helped families across North Ayrshire.

The initial contact made with many young parents/carers under the age of 25 – many of whom have indicated they would access numeracy/literacy support – led the council to designing and planning after-school homework clubs and Multiply drop-in groups that will run in conjunction with schools.

Partners at community housing advocacy project (CHAP) have sought support in delivering their primary seven/parents’ sessions which introduces young people to the world of everyday finance and budgeting.