Director of campaign group Global Justice Now Nick Dearden will be delivering a talk in Ayrshire as part of his Pharmanomics book tour of the UK

The venue for the Ayrshire leg of the event is Seahorse Bookshop in Ardrossan on Saturday, November 11 at 3pm.

The event will be co-hosted by Ayrshire Global Justice Now Group.

Dearden's book Pharmanomics examines how medicines are produced and exposes the ways pharmaceutical corporations prioritise profit making over global health.

It argues this system has reshaped the relationship between richer and poorer countries, as the access to new medicines and the permission to manufacture them is policed. The book insists that another, fairer health system with justice at its core is possible.

Arthur West, convener of the Ayrshire Global Justice Now group, said: "Pharmanomics is a book which clearly exposes the scandal about how big pharmaceutical corporations put profit before people.

"Our group are delighted that a leg of this Book Tour is taking place in Ayrshire and we hope to get a good turnout at the event."

Anyone who wishes details of how to book a ticket for the book launch should email