AN ARDROSSAN mum is on a mission to raise awareness of a common birth deformity - after her own son had to overcome the associated challenges.

Stephanie Oakley, 22, is also hoping to give back to the Crosshouse Hospital ward which "changed her life" after they helped her through a time where she was "thinking the worst".

Stephanie, alongside her fiancé Dylan Goulden, - also 22 - faced a challenging time when their son Rylee Gouldon was born with clubfoot - a common type of birth defect that affects muscles and bones in the feet.

Instead of being straight, a clubfoot points down and turns in. This twisting causes the toes to point toward the opposite leg.

Now, Rylee is a happy and healthy 18-month old child - but in light of her own experience, Stephanie is hoping to raise awareness for other parents who may have to go through similar.

She said: "It as been a long hard journey for us with many weekly hospital appointments, 13 weeks of both his legs in casts and even operations to help straighten my baby's feet.

"As a mother I don’t think any amount of words will ever be able to tell you how heart-breaking this was to watch my baby go through this knowing it was the only way he would be able to walk in the long run."

As well as raising awareness, Stephanie is now hoping that she and her family can help give back to those at Crosshouse Hospital who helped them all through one of the most challenging times of their lives.

The Ardrossan mum has planned a fundraiser, with the proceeds set to go back to ward 1c at the Kilmarnock hospital.

She commented: "Without the help of ward 1c in Crosshouse hospital our Rylee's life could’ve been a whole lot different and he may never have been able to walk."

Stephanie has now organised an event at Saltocats Town Hall on November 11 - where all in attendance will be joined by popular hosts Bunkers Bingo.

Event tickets are priced at £15 - and can be purchased from Stephanie via Facebook at - with all proceeds going back to ward 1c.

She added: "My hopes for the fundraiser is that it raises awareness for all the babies born with the condition and to give families hope that it can be fixed.

"It is really important to me to raise awareness for this cause because before I was told that my baby was born with clubfoot I had no clue what it was, no clue what to expect and couldn’t help but think the worst especially with being a first time mum.

"Ward 1c have been incredible with my son from his first ever appointment they have completely changed my life and I will be forever grateful for all the help they have given us."

For those who are not able to attend the event, though may still wish to make a donation, Stephanie has also set up a gofundme page which can be found online at