A SHOP in Stevenston has had around £1,500 of illegal products seized from the store.

It comes as Ayrshire police continued to work with North Ayrshire Trading Standards in a bid to tackle local concerns around young people being able to acquire nicotine vape products.

As a result, the two organisations have been working together and attending premises in the Three Towns to ensure that all laws are being adhered to.

In the latest day of action, Tuesday, October 31, one retailer in Stevenston was found to be selling illegal vape products.

A total of 92 items, with an estimated value of around £1,500, were taken from the store to be destroyed.

Police added that some of these illicit products were 10,000 puff items containing the approximate equivalent of 800 cigarettes of nicotine - well beyond the legal UK limit for products of 600 puffs.

An Ayrshire Police spokesperson said: "Continued feedback from community council meetings and responses from the “Your Police” survey show the concerns of young persons able to acquire nicotine vape products - many of which are counterfeit or illegal in the UK.

"Your feedback and information have driven these partnership intelligence-led inspections.

"If you have information on retailers disregarding the law at the cost of our young people’s health and wellbeing, call 101 and report it."