An Ayrshire man was thrilled to capture a unique weather phenomenon on camera on the shores of Arran. 

Gavin McCrae was working in the Corrie area of the island, when the waterspout appeared over the water nearby. 

In the short video, water can be seen flying around the area along with seaweed and other debris. 

STV meteorologist Sean Batty told the news outlet that fish could even have been lifted out of the water by the weather event. 

He said: “Gavin and his colleagues were probably soaked by the sea spray and slapped by flying seaweed.

“Waterspouts can also sometimes lift fish from the sea, so it’s possible some cats along the coast here had a good feed.

"Waterspouts are basically tornadoes, but over a body of water such as a lake or the sea.

"They tend to be weaker than tornadoes, but can still be pretty dangerous for small boats, and of course still throw around huge amounts of water and sea debris.

"Waterspouts have been responsible for showers of frogs, fishes and even frog spawn in the past, although luckily it seems most of that stayed offshore this time."

Gavin captured the video on Wednesday evening as Scotland was battered by Storm Ciarán.

Watch the full video below...