Drug supply charges increased in North Ayrshire over a six-month period.

Charges from April 1 to September 30 are up 5.7 per cent on the five-year average for supplying drugs and cannabis cultivations are up 47.7 per cent on the five-year average. 

Intelligence provided by North Ayrshire residents, community groups and via information service Crimestoppers have helped ensure convictions.

The police said in their report to the Police and Fire and Rescue Committee on Monday:  “The positive increase in supply charges is welcomed and is reflective of the significant work being undertaken within North Ayrshire by our Local Intelligence officer, Intelligence Development Unit and our Proactive Policing team.”

Chief Superintendent Raymond Higgins told the committee: “Whilst there is an increase in drug supply in terms of 37 crimes there has been a real focus on activity in relation to this in North Ayrshire over the reporting period which shows we are listening to community information and intelligence building on it and pro-actively trying to disrupt those individuals and groups that are involved in drug activity and drug supply, causing harm in our communities.”

An organised crime group was dismantled in North Ayrshire thanks to community efforts.
Police continue to target those involved in serious and organised crime, with a drive to identify and arrest those operating at the highest level.

Meanwhile, the number of reported robbery type crimes from April 1 to September 30 is the same as last year (15) which is below the five-year average (21). 

So far, nine of the 15 reported crimes this year have been detected. 

Irvine’s Rivergate Shopping area is a repeat location with two crimes taking place there.

Eight of the sixteen crimes have taken place within the home, with a physical assault being most commonly used against the victim. 

Cash remains the most commonly acquired item and the victim knew the offender, in some capacity, in 75 per cent of robberies so far this year. 

The report added: “The significant reduction is welcomed and is reflective of the ongoing preventative work within North Ayrshire both within schools and robust policing of the town centres.

“Robberies are a key priority within North Ayrshire each report is subject to an enhanced level of governance and scrutiny by both the Area Command and CID, this ensures that all such crimes are thoroughly investigated and offenders pursued and apprehended at the earliest opportunity.”