ONE of the best known faces in Saltcoats is looking to spread some Christmas cheer in his home town after the plug was pulled on a popular festive season event.

Like many other residents, David Lennox was extremely saddened when he heard that the town's popular Christmas Carnival would not be taking place this year.

He shared his dismay in when the Herald revealed that the event would not be going ahead.

We previously reported how the carnival's organising committee - all of them volunteers - would not be putting on the event this year.

The committee's members said that other commitments had made it impossible to devote the time needed to organise the event - and that they had been unable to find others to take on the task.

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But David has decided to step up and make sure youngsters in the town don't miss out on their share of Christmas magic this year.

Commenting on our original story, David said: "After the spectacular event that was last year, it's so sad for the children parents and everyone else involved/attended. Yet another blow to this town."

However, he later added: "I’m willing, if anyone else is, to either dress up as Santa provide music and round up selection boxes for free for the weans.

"I remember as a young one, seeing Santa in Saltcoats, so let’s get something for the young yins."

And since sharing his idea on Friday, November 17, David has pulled out all the stops to live up to his pledge.

The local man - who is well known in the town for providing entertainment across a number of town centre bars - has now organised a special festive event to try and plug the gap left by the carnival's absence.

By pulling in favours and securing donations, he has arranged an afternoon of Christmas fun in the town on Sunday, December 10.

The event will be taking place from 2-6pm at the town's Masonic hall - with the venue being provided free of charge.

With the support of two of the venues where David works - The Albion and The Elms - David has pulled in donations worth more than £1,000 only days after announcing his plan.

A DJ has offered to play at the event, Santa has been booked to attend as well as a photo booth to help capture the occasion - and David is in the process of organising more fun festive activities for all to enjoy.

Most recently, he secured Amanda Jean to sing a set of Christmas tunes and upbeat hits.

He plans to continue his efforts drumming up support from local businesses ahead of the big day.

David told the Herald he has roped in some friends to help set up already - so it looks like Saltcoats won't be the only one of the Three Towns to miss out on some festive fun.

And he says he'd be more than willing to support anyone who steps up to take on the organising of the Christmas carnival in future years.

"I can't believe how much it has snowballed," he told the Herald.

"It won't be as spectacular as previous years but if it is a success - I don't mind taking the burden on."

David is still looking for support to make his upcoming event a roaring success, and anyone wishing to lend a hand can contact him via his Facebook page.

And anyone who would like to help organise future Saltcoats Christmas Carnivals can contact the former organising committee on their social media page.