In a heartwarming gesture, Persimmon Homes has made a £5,000 donation to Beith Trust's volunteer-managed project Garnock Valley Helping Hands.

Made through Persimmon’s Community Champions scheme, it will further enhance the project's mission to provide essential support to families in need within the Garnock Valley.

Garnock Valley Helping Hands is an exceptional project that focuses on recycling baby and toddler clothes, toys, and childcare necessities and gifting them to vulnerable families in the area.

Operated by dedicated volunteers, the project aims to alleviate financial burdens on families by offering these items free of charge.

North Ayrshire Provost Anthea Dickson said: “It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to be back and see that not only has Helping Hands grown and gained a reputation, but they’re even better established to be organised for this year’s event.

“I remember when Helping Hands first started, it started off about three years ago and it was a single Facebook post, and the support that has built up over the past three years has been absolutely fantastic.”

Margaret Johnson, SNP Councillor for Garnock Valley, added: "The £5,000 donation from Persimmon Homes will significantly develop the impact of Helping Hands in the Garnock Valley community.

"The funds will be used to expand the project's reach, ensuring that more families in need can benefit from the provision of essential items for their children. “

Chris Logan, Persimmon West Scotland Managing Director, said: "The Garnock Valley Helping Hands project makes a real difference to hundreds of local families in need and we’re delighted to be able to support their efforts with this donation.

“We want to support the communities we operate in and whether it’s through their Christmas toy drive or the help they offer all year round, I hope the donation will allow the group to reach even more families across Garnock Valley.”

Garnock Valley Helping Hands encourages individuals and businesses alike to join the cause, either through volunteerism or additional contributions to make a real difference to people's lives.