A DALRY man has been jailed after he told his former partner she would be "getting her throat slit" – while he was being led from the dock in court.

Christopher Brown made the threat to his former partner as he was being taken away to custody – but not before he directed an obscene remark at the sheriff who heard his case.

Brown, currently an inmate at Kilmarnock prison, was handed a further jail sentence at the town’s sheriff court when he appeared for sentencing last week after pleading guilty to four separate charges.

The 36-year-old landed himself in trouble during an outburst at Saltcoats police station on August 2 when he resisted arrest and hurled verbal abuse at a cop.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court was told Brown reacted angrily to being told he would be subjected to a strip search at the station, where he was being kept in a holding cell.

The procurator fiscal depute said Brown initially complied until he was told to remove his underwear – which he refused to do.

He became hostile and sat on the cell floor, and then reacted violently when police tried to handcuff him.

Once he was eventually cuffed, Brown repeatedly called one cop a “p**fy b*****d” and said “you just want to see an a***hole” before eventually complying.

Brown, described by the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service as a resident of Dalry, was kept in the cell overnight and taken to Kilmarnock Sheriff Court the next day – where Sheriff Rory Bannerman refused to grant him bail.

But the court heard that as he was being sent to custody, Brown turned to the public benches and blamed his ex-partner for his fate.

He said: "This is all her fault. Get her slashed. You can tell her she is getting her throat slit."

Brown then turned to Sheriff Bannerman and said: “You might as well have shoved a d***o up my a***, you’ve f***ed me that much.”

As he was being led away, Brown assaulted a female custody officer by pushing her on the body.

At his latest court appearance, Brown’s solicitor said the circumstances of the case were “not good reading”.

He explained that Brown had found himself in trouble after his release from a previous prison sentence.

The lawyer added: “Unfortunately he fell in with old friends and found himself in court again.

“He accepts full responsibility for his actions and accepts a custodial sentence is inevitable."

Sheriff Thomas Ward, who heard the case, simply told Brown that he had "a bad record" before passing his judgement.

He then sentenced the 36-year-old to a total of 16 months in prison, backdated to August 29.