A GROUP of thugs from Stevenston attacked the front door of a house in Kilwinning with a chainsaw, a court has heard.

David Maxwell was one of five men who turned up at the property in Innerwood Road more than two years ago.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard how police “happened upon” the incident – and how Maxwell and his acquaintances fled the scene when cops arrived.

Maxwell, 21, pleaded guilty last week to a charge of threatening or abusive behaviour in Innerwood Road on November 12, 2021.

Maxwell, of Burnlea Place, admitted driving to the house with the other four men, one of whom the court heard was armed with the chainsaw, after a falling-out with the householder.

A plea of not guilty to a further charge, accusing Maxwell of driving dangerously at pedestrians and trying to strike the householder with the car, was accepted by prosecutors.

The Crown also accepted not guilty pleas to charges levelled against Maxwell’s co-accused, also from Stevenston – Kyle More, 25, of Ardoch Crescent, and 32-year-old Michael Fisher, of Fullarton Place.

Fiscal depute Craig Wainwright told last week’s court hearing: “At 4pm on November 12, the accused and complainer met close to his home to discuss an issue between the parties. He then left with several of his friends.

“The accused was in the driver’s seat of a Vauxhall Astra with another male in the passenger seat. There was a disagreement between them, and the complainer returned home.

“About 30 minutes later they became aware of the accused pulling up in the street with five males. One passenger was in possession of a chainsaw.

“This was captured on CCTV from a neighbouring property.

“Five males including the accused headed towards the front door shouting and swearing. The chainsaw started up revving loudly.

“This was heard by the neighbours, who thought it was a motorbike.

“A male began striking the door with the chainsaw causing damage to the door - leaving a mark the length of the door and damaging the window.

“Police already in the area happened upon the incident. Police ran towards the vehicle shouting to ‘drop it’.

“All five ran from officers and were lost from sight.

“An area search was conducted, and the chainsaw was recovered from a garden in a nearby street. It was found to be fire damaged and unsuitable for further examination.”

Mr Wainwright said Maxwell was later identified by the complainer, and that the vehicle was found to be registered to Maxwell – while items including his bank card and driving licence were found during a search.

Maxwell was cautioned and charged after attending Saltcoats police station two days after the incident, and appeared from custody at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on November 15.

Sentence was deferred for background reports and Maxwell was released on bail; he will return to court for sentencing in the new year.

Fisher is already serving an eight-month prison sentence for punching a sex offender within a courtroom at the Kilmarnock court buildings.