PARKING wardens will be seen working on the streets of North Ayrshire in the next few months

Decriminalised parking enforcement (DPE) is coming to the area soon - and North Ayrshire Council has now confirmed wardens will start issuing tickets for parking offences in March.

Under DPE, parking breaches cease to be criminal offences enforced by police and become civil penalties enforced by the council.

and become civil penalties enforced by the council, under the changes.

Enforcement powers were officially transferred by Police Scotland to the council in early November - but the powers have yet to be used. 

Councillor Ian Murdoch (Independent, North Coast) quizzed cabinet member Tony Gurney on dates for the introduction of DPE during a council meeting on December 13.


Councillor Gurney said NAC has recruited six members of staff - a 'parking enforcement supervisor' and five wardens - but that they won't begin working with the council until January.  

A further post is also to be advertised early next year.

The team will then undergo an induction process - including on-site street and town familiarisation, systems and customer service training, and legislation awareness.

Cllr Gurney added: "This will include a soft launch with formal enforcement activities commencing March 2024."

He said the council will communicate this information to the wider public nearer the time when a more definitive date can be set.

Once enforcement begins, penalty charge notices of £100 can be handed out for parking offences.

These will be reduced to £50 if paid within 14, but increased to £150 if not paid within 28 days.

The fine levels were set by the council in March of this year.

The authority hopes DPE will provide the council with an increased turnover of parking spaces and improve availability and access for people looking to park in the county's town centres.

The council says it will also improve access for blue badge holders, and therefore improve opportunities and ease of access to local business premises.

Since the withdrawal of traffic warden service by the police in 2012, parking violations in North Ayrshire have increased significantly as there is little to no deterrent to control inappropriate parking.