The start of January is often a good time for setting yourself goals for the year ahead.

One Ardrossan man has done exactly that in 2024 - though his goal is to help others.

Marc Daly has set himself the challenge of completing a different fundraiser for varying charities across each month of the year.

The 24-year-old will be using the 366 days to raise not only money but also awareness about various good causes.

"The challenges I’ll be doing will differ every month," he explained.

"For January, I will be walking 15k steps per day raising money for motor neurone disease.

"Some of the other challenges will be the likes of Sober October, Movember, running a set number of miles in a month, bungee jumping, etcetera.

"So there will be a huge variety of me pushing myself to different limits."

Marc was inspired to take on this new challenge after taking part in previous fundraising efforts.

He will also draw inspiration from his own personal battles along the way.

Marc said: "What inspired me was playing in my first charity football game at around 16; I remember getting sponsors and raising about £160 from teachers at school, friends, family, you name it, I asked everyone.

"Since that day, I’ve raised over £1,000 on my own and roughly about £5,000 as part of a team while playing charity football matches and so on.

"I want to bring some positivity around mental health, which I deal with personally, and I’ll be advertising how I feel on days where I’m struggling but still having a reason to have to get up out of bed to go and do what I need to do.

"It's just to show people that they’re not alone while making a difference to hopefully loads of people’s lives, no matter what they’re dealing with.

"I want to show people what is possible when everyone works together for the better."

Marc, who works full-time as a wind turbine technician, knows the challenge won't be easy but is determined to make a difference.

He said: "I expect these challenges to push me to my mental and physical limits, it won’t be an easy feat at all.

"During the summer, my work is incredibly busy while I'm still trying to clock in steps before and after my work days.

"But I don’t want it to be easy, the whole point is for me to push myself more and more, and show people what’s possible with hard work and an end goal."

Marc has only just kicked off his fundraising efforts and so far has raised over £250 towards the first charity he is supporting - the MND Association.

He is hopeful that this outstanding support can continue as he moves forward to support other causes along the way.

Marc said: "My aims starting this were to build a fundraising platform where I can just bring people together to help as many people as possible.

"For a few years starting a charity has been something I’ve wanted to do but I struggle to pick just one charity to raise money for, as there’s so many out there that just deserve more funding so this was my way of doing both at once.

"My goal with my challenge this year was to hit at least £100 per month, with me matching the total donation to an amount that’s reasonably practicable at the end.

"Currently I’ve raised £283 for January’s challenge for MND and it hasn’t even started yet, the support this close to Christmas has been absolutely incredible."

Marc already has plans in place to fundraise for local charity Megan's Space in February, as well as completing Sober October to help Scottish families affected by alcohol and drugs.

He will also take part in the Movember movement in support of men’s mental health and provide gifts to underprivileged children in December.

He added: "I’d love suggestions for the rest, whether it be from friends, family or even anyone reading this."

Anyone looking to get involved or help out can do so via the various social media pages Marc has set up for his fundraising.

These are available on @MD_Fundraising on Instagram, MD Fundraising on Facebook or via his X (formerly Twitter) account @marcdalyy.

He will also be posting updates on his progress throughout the year on his social media pages.