North Ayrshire's latest political candidate is hoping to use her local knowledge to run a positive campaign.

Irene Campbell will be standing for the Labour Party in a bid to become North Ayrshire's MP in the upcoming general election.

Over the coming months, the Saltcoats woman is hoping she can show locals just what she can bring to the area if elected.

She said: "I'm really pleased about it, I am delighted that I was selected. I think I have A lot to offer the area.

"I have lived here for many years so I think I have a good grasp on the local issues.

"Working here as well I see the challenges but also the opportunities.

"We can improve things and I think I will bring that energy to my campaign and, if elected, the role of an MP."

Irene added that should the election result in a Labour majority, it will help considerably with the work she would hope to carry out.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Irene Campbell has set out her election campaign plans.

She said: "It will ultimately be a positive campaign about how Labour can make a difference again.

"If we get a Labour government at Westminster I think a Labour MP would make a big difference.

"We would be at the table and it's an opportunity to get more funding here in North Ayrshire."

A large part of Irene's focus within her campaign will be how she could help improve North Ayrshire if elected.

She has lived around the county for the majority of her life and previously attended Auchenharvie Academy.

While her current role as a programme manager at the NHS means she also works right across Ayrshire.

"I know a lot of the date and the demographic," Irene continued, "I have got a good idea of the issues.

"This is the only seat I am interested in, it is the area I live, it is the area I care about – I would like the area to be as good as it could be with opportunities for people.

"I could see myself, if elected, as a good backbench MP bringing investment to North Ayrshire."

Irene is also a familiar face in Saltcoats as one of the founding members of the SPLASH group, which is currently working towards the restoration of the town's open air swimming pool.

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Irene, who has the backing of the union Unite, has played a crucial role in transforming this project from a mere pipe dream to a reality that is now very close to fruition.

She is also now helping with plans to bring Saltcoats Harbour to life and the political candidate feels this shows exactly what she is capable of.

Irene commented: "It shows that I can get things done. I started that with an idea and took it from there – in fact, we are now expanding as well – this model can be replicated."