A NORTH Ayrshire woman has confessed to sending a threatening and abusive greeting card to her former partner.

The woman's card was delivered to her ex's home on November 30, six days after the 20-year-old had ordered it from Moonpig.com.

The card was sent only a month after the pair had split after an "on and off" relationship that had lasted for six years.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the card was opened by the father of the woman's ex.

He discovered an A3 card with an image of his son on the front, alongside screenshots of two social media messages.

Inside were a number of messages which he found to be "threatening" in nature.

Sheriff Colin Bissett asked the procurator fiscal depute to read "the worst" of these aloud to the courtroom.

One read: “He is a psycho, I am done speaking to them as soon as I get my money.”

Another added: “Game on you evil blacko. No wonder you caught chlamydia, you evil boy.”

The woman - who we are not identifying - also included a message in the card telling her ex that "you reek of BO".

The complainer's father told his son about the card, which the court heard had been "sent due to ongoing tension between the pair following their separation".

He was aware the card had been sent by the woman, as she was the only person to have possession of the images used on it.

The court was told that police made further enquiries at the complainer's address on December 6 and that the woman had eventually been cautioned and charged at her home address on January 8.

The accused's solicitor said only that his client had "made full submissions".

Sheriff Colin Bissett deferred sentence for the woman to be of good behaviour until later this year.

He also put a non-harassment order (NHO) in place barring her from contacting or attempting to contact her ex for the next 12 months.