The family of a Stevenston mum who lost her kitchen in a house fire have launched a fundraising campaign.

Amanda Taylor's kitchen was destroyed in the blaze at her St John's Place home earlier this month.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the fire. One of her sons managed to flee the blaze with the family's dogs and cats.

But it's now feared that one elderly dog, who was in the kitchen when the fire began, may have to be put to sleep due to the effects of the smoke.

Amanda's son Damien Montgomery said: "My mum is all right, thankfully. My little brother was upstairs and woke up to the smoke alarms to find the whole kitchen was ablaze.

"Thankfully the kitchen door was shut as the whole house might have gone up. My brother ran into the street with the dogs and cats and phoned the fire brigade and my mum.

"She has lost everything in her kitchen and sadly, our older dog has been going downhill fast.

Damien has launched a GoFundMe appeal to raise money to allow Amanda, 52, to replace her kitchen - and to cover the cost of their pet dog being put down.

He added: "Mum also had to empty her entire house so the council could inspect and clean it.

"She had to do all this with no vehicle or storage space, and the temporary house she was put in is in Irvine, so she couldn't easily move stuff between the houses.

"She's had to be off work since. She's completely drained physically, financially and mentally so I'm trying to raise money for her to at least cover the costs and get her back on her feet."

If you can help visit Damien's page at: