THE Windy Ha in Saltcoats is open once again - though it is not quite business as usual just yet.

The new owners of 'the oldest pub in Saltcoats' re-opened the popular bar for the first time under their stewardship on Wednesday, February 7.

Local couple Sean Conaghan and Paige Loye are the pair behind the venture and have plenty of plans in store for the historic venue.

But with licensing hurdles still to manoeuvre, they are not quite able to pull pints behind the bar just yet.

At the moment, the sale of alcohol at the premises is not permitted, though there is still plenty on offer at The Windy Ha.

The pub can offer a 'bring your own bottle' service, though this must be pre-booked by contacting the bar beforehand.

However, food is on the menu, alongside soft drinks, with the venue offering both sit in and delivery services - the latter being via North Ayrshire Eats.

The new owners commented: "We promise that the sale of alcohol isn’t far away. We just can’t offer it now, but we can bring you the best scran in Ayrshire, and that’s what we intend to do!

"Everyone is welcome to pop in from Wednesday for food and even a wee game of pool on our brand new pool table.

"We hope you understand. It’s frustrating for us, as this is a pub at the end of the day - the oldest of course - but this gets us on the right track, and we will keep you all updated."

And Sean and Paige have further big plans once they have everything up and running.

They have teased at some of their grand plans, also commenting on the possible return of the famous horseshoe bar, though they admit such a move "wouldn’t be possible now".

The pair also paid a touching tribute to former pub owner, the late Kevin Bruce, as they thanked his family for their assistance in handing over the premises.

The new owners commented: "We’d also like to take this time to thank the Bruce family for handing over.

"They all have been so helpful and supportive and we couldn’t do this without them!

"Everything we do here at the New Windy Ha will be in memory of our late publican Kevin.

"A massive thank you to Lesley and her kids for allowing us to take the legacy to the next level."

The latest updates from the pub can be found on The Windy Ha Facebook page.