THE royal party has now been selected for this year's Segdoune Gala.

The popular Kilwinning event is set to take place on Saturday, May 18, with St Winning's youngster Sarah in line to be crowned that day.

Other royals who have been selected from across the town's primary schools will also be placed into their roles at the crowning ceremony which will take place at 12.30pm.

The gala, which will take place from 12-4pm, will only be the beginning for the royal party who will play an important role across the town throughout 2024 up until next year's event.

Their appointment is a huge honour with the Segdoune Gala being a large part of the town of Kilwinning's heritage.

The royals were selected by the committee from Choose Kilwinning who are very much looking froward to this year's gala.

Chair Aaran McDonald said: “The Segdoune Gala is the longest-standing event in the Kilwinning town calendar.

"We were blown away with the support we had last year and we are excited to be hosting the gala again this year.

"Each year we fundraise to hold these events so please keep an eye out for the purple Choose Kilwinning collection tins in and around the town!”

Vice-chair for events, Elaine Wright, hailed the royal party for what they will bring not only to the event but to Kilwinning as a whole.

She added: “Our Segdoune royal party are amazing and they are an asset to the town.

"In bringing these events together we try to keep costs down for families while keeping the event at the level the town has come to expect over the years. 2024 is going to be the year of Kilwinning!"

This year's Segdoune Gala will feature stalls, music, the crowning of the queen, family activities and much more still to be confirmed.

Vice-chair for Shop Local Marlene McGaw shared her hopes for the events as she encouraged residents to come out and support the gala.

She said: “As local business owners we are proud to be part of Choose Kilwinning and supporting the events but we need the towns to support too.

"We have so many unique and brilliant businesses which only thrive when we all join together to support them.”

For the latest information about the gala visit the Choose Kilwinning Facebook page.