DRIVERS breaking parking laws will soon be paying the penalty in North Ayrshire.

Council officials have reminded road users that its new team of 'parking enforcement officers' will begin issuing penalty charge notices from this Monday, April 15.

The fines will be issues to those who have parked their vehicle illegally by parking enforcement officers.

The new rules apply across North Ayrshire and mean that anyone parked illegally and in contravention of local parking restrictions could face a £100 PCN.

This sum will be reduced to £50 if paid within the first 14 days.

This latest update to parking rules in North Ayrshire comes following a brief 'soft launch' which began just before Easter.

The new enforcement officers swung into action on March 28, but since then, and up till this Sunday, April 14, they have only been issuing warning notices.

That, though, will all end on April 15, when the first PCNs will be issued to drivers who have broken the rules.

Examples of illegal parking that will earn a driver a PCN includes parking on double yellow lines, parking in a disabled bay without a blue badge, parking on the pavement (though there are some exceptions to this, mostly where not parking on a pavement would obstruct the safe passage of vehicles on the road); parking in a bus stop or taxi rank; and double parking.

Drivers are advised to check local parking signage for restrictions when parking their vehicle.

North Ayrshire Council says that the new parking enforcement changes will help ensure roads remain clear, reduce congestion and improve traffic flow as illegally parked vehicles can pose safety hazards and obstruct emergency access.

More information on the new parking enforcement changes can be found online at