ILLEGAL parking in North Ayrshire could lead to a £100 fine from Monday, April 15.

The fee, which will be handed out by parking enforcement officers, will be reduced by half if paid within 14 days. But most will want to avoid the penalty charge notices altogether.

That is why it is important locals are able to plan their journeys ahead of time to ensure they know exactly where they can park and do so legally.

After North Ayrshire Council voted against the introduction of car parking charges in February last year all council-owned facilities remain free to use.

However, illegal parking can still be incurred if rules are broken, such as staying beyond the permitted time, disobeying parking restrictions or parking in a disabled bay without displaying a valid blue badge permit.

All of the relevant information with regards to car parks across the county has now been made available by the local authority.

An interactive map has been created which details information regarding all 52 car parks in North Ayrshire.

Of these car parks only three are paid - two privately owned car parks at the seafront and Bellman's Close in Largs and the Vernon Street train station car park in Saltcoats. Details of the costings of these car parks are included.

Further information is provided on 49 free to use car parks and clicking on each provides further information on any restrictions or time limits.

Find the interactive map imbedded below: