ALARM bells have been raised by secondary pupils in the Three Towns after a video was shared on social media showing water "the colour of urine" running from a tap in the school.

The post was uploaded earlier this week by a pupil at Ardrossan Academy, describing the discoloured water in a home economics classroom.

North Ayrshire Council says the incident was "isolated" and insisted that health and safety is its highest priority.

The pupil's post, which has since been removed, described how the murky water ran from a tap within the classroom around the end of the  subject period, when students were cleaning dishes.

The pupil said: "I heard people complaining saying the water coming from their taps was the colour of urine.

"I thought they were joking around but they were being serious. The water was yellow-ish orange.

"This gave me the absolute boke. It was so disgusting. After 10-15 minutes it changed to clear but it was still very cloudy."

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: The water which ran from a tap within the home economics department at Ardrossan Academy.The water which ran from a tap within the home economics department at Ardrossan Academy. (Image: Sourced)

The incident took place on Tuesday, April 23.

North Ayrshire Council said the matter had been reported and had been identified as being isolated to a single sink.


A spokesperson said: “During a home economics lesson, pupils noted that there was some discolouration to the water at a particular sink, where washing up was taking place at the end of the lesson.

“Water from a different sink had been used during the cooking process and no issues were noted.

“The matter was reported, via the janitor, to the council’s maintenance team as they would be responsible for investigating and undertaking any action necessary.

"No other issues relating to water discolouration arose in the school."

The local authority added that the issue has now been addressed and that the situation will be closely monitored.

They continued: “No further reports of discoloured water have been received from the school. Council staff have checked today (Wednesday, April 24) and all water is running clear.

“Although the water in the school is completely clear, we have requested a visit from our water quality sub-contractors, as an additional safeguard.

“The council takes the health and safety of all building users very seriously and has a water testing regime across its estate to ensure water meets the appropriate quality standards.”

Last summer the Herald reported on how pupils at Auchenharvie Academy had to go to classes in other locations across the Three Towns for the first week-and-a-half of the new school year following the discovery of legionella bacteria in the Stevenston school's water supply.

Pupils attended classes at St Matthew's Academy, Saltcoats Town Hall and Ardrossan Civic Centre, with older pupils being taught at home.

Auchenharvie eventually opened on August 31.