Parents of kids with additional support needs are furious after collections of specialist hygiene bins were cut back by North Ayrshire Council.

The AHP (absorbent hygiene product) bins will now be collected every three weeks rather than two following budget cuts.

And one mum warned the move is already leading to a "stink" in some areas and could attract rodents.

North Ayrshire Council is one of only two authorities in Scotland who provide the service, which is seen as essential by families with ASN children.

Used disposable diapers and catheters are among the products placed in the bins.

Any Johnston, of the ASN Parents and Kids Irvine and Three Towns Support Group, said: "We have put in complaints ever since we got the letters telling us about the change and we are getting nowhere with it. We have also contacted our MSPs.

“The bins were getting emptied every two weeks but, even before this, everyone was struggling as they were overflowing.

“They were already overfilled and they stink. The weather is getting warmer as well which doesn’t help."

Amy added: “After this move by the council, the waste will be rotten. I can already smell it in my bathroom as I shower, and that’s with the bin lids closed.

“It will be worse if rodents or birds get in at these bins when they are left so long. It will cause a real issue.

“If you have a mobility van, you can only access the dump 12 times a year.

"I can’t even say, ‘I will fill a big bag and take it to the dump’. That will only leave us with another 11 visits.

“Everyone in our group is complaining about it. There are a lot of people having to use these bins and the council have been encouraging us to use them.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: One of the specialist binsOne of the specialist bins (Image: Contributed)

“Before, I was going to the dump three times a week with the sheer amount of medical waste. I am fortunate that I have one child who suffers from incontinence, because other families have three or four kids.

“I am also a carer for a child with complex medical needs, and by the seventh day, her bin is full of suction catheters."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Despite reducing the frequency of collection from every two weeks to three weeks as an efficiency saving at the last budget, we remain one of only two councils in Scotland to provide this AHP service.

"We will endeavour to meet the needs of residents who require this service. Those with specific needs can request assistance from the Waste Awareness team and can do so by getting in touch by emailing

“With regards accessing our recycling centres, individual arrangements can be made by getting in touch via customer service and our waste operations service can make those arrangements with the site.

“Catheters can be bagged and placed either in a domestic grey bin or AHP as they are both processed via the same disposal contract.”