Volunteers are being encouraged to help improve litter blackspots and make North Ayrshire's streets, parks and beaches better for everyone.

Littering creates an unnecessary mess in towns and villages, and North Ayrshire Council’s Adopt-A-Spot scheme has been set up to tackle eyesore sites.

The voluntary litter-picking scheme sees community volunteers working with the council’s Streetscene team as individuals or groups of friends, workmates, neighbours or school classmates.

Council Streetscene officer Martin Gorman said: “The Adopt-A-Spot scheme offers more structured support to voluntary litter pickers across North Ayrshire.

“It is particularly applicable to groups of litter pickers who want to concentrate their efforts on a particular area like a park, a beach or a housing estate.”

Volunteers simply choose a spot – on council-owned land, not private land – in a street, park, beach, path, business frontage or school route and keep it tidy.

The council’s Streetscene team can supply groups with litter pickers and bags, offer guidanxce and arrange to collect and sdispose of the bags when required.

The benefits of the Adopt-A-Spot initiative include a cleaner environment for everyone.

To find our more and register for Adopt-A-Spot, visit the council's website.