PARENTS have raised concerns that children's wellbeing is at stake amid cuts to staffing levels across North Ayrshire Council's early years centre (EYC) services.

It is understood that a council cabinet vote to redesign their Early Learning and Childcare services will include the loss of 90 jobs across various local nurseries.

These adjustments are set to be fully in place by the beginning of the next school year, in mid-August, though anxious parents say they still have no idea what the new term will entail.

They said: "Over 90 nursery staff are losing their jobs, and children all across North Ayrshire are being impacted.

"It's May and our council run nurseries have no idea yet of their final staffing numbers so can't communicate to parents what their child's patterns will be.

"Children who have settled in year one will now face a new term of disruptions as nurseries lose their staff continuity, and there has been no discussion on the impacts of these changes on the children's wellbeing."

North Ayrshire Council confirmed that a "re-design" of the service was voted through in February of this year.

They say that decisions were made due to reduced intake in council run centres and as a result of declining birth rates locally.

Other changes include adjustments to the term-time entitlement models offered in various centres across the county.

A full rundown of all changes to be implemented is available online at

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “On 24 February 2024, the North Ayrshire Council Cabinet agreed to a redesign of our Early Learning and Childcare service.

“In line with the picture across Scotland, the uptake of early learning and childcare places in North Ayrshire is lower than previously anticipated and declining birth rates will continue to impact the overall level of uptake.

"The revised early learning and delivery models take into consideration the local demand for places, affordability and the views of North Ayrshire families who currently or will soon access this service."

It was also added that some decisions are still to be finalised though these will be communicated at the earlier opportunity.

The spokesperson continued: “The council is in the final stages of its remodelling exercise of Early Years provision which includes staffing allocations from August 2024 onwards.

"All children who were previously accessing Early Years provision in North Ayrshire have been accommodated into their original Early Years establishment or have been allocated to a new location.

"This has been communicated to parents/carers and the process has been completed successfully.

"Where there may be any changes (such as staffing or establishment), Heads of Establishment will work with families to ensure smooth transitions.

"As per our usual processes, we are currently undergoing the allocation of new registrants and this will be finalised by the end of May."