THE founder of a new Three Towns community group has been hailed by North Ayrshire Council's mental health champion.

Stevenston woman Amy Nolan launched Community Hub of Hope earlier this month, offering a safe haven for anyone seeking support with mental health, battling loneliness, or nurturing their overall well-being.

The group held their first meeting on Sunday, May 19, at St Mary's Chapel in Saltcoats with dozens turning out.

A total of 12 men and 20 women of all ages, including a baby, came along on what was a particularly successful first meet.

Amongst those in attendance was the council's mental health champion Jean McClung who said she was "in awe" of group founder Amy for what she had managed to produce only weeks after the idea for the group was born.

Cllr McClung said: “I was delighted to be invited to attend the inaugural meeting of the Community Hub of Hope, a self-help group for those seeking support with mental health issues or loneliness.

"It was an absolute pleasure to meet the group’s founder, Amy, and all the other attendees of the meeting, held on Sunday evening in St Mary’s Church Hall in Saltcoats.

"Personally, I am in awe of what Amy has already achieved in the two short weeks since she first came up with the idea of forming this group.

"She has even initiated fundraising schemes, with further ideas being discussed on the night."

The Saltcoats and Stevenston councillor is confident that the group will be able to kick on from this initial meeting.

She added: "There was much chatter and laughter, and it was obvious from the outset that this group is destined to be a success!

"As the council’s mental health champion, I pledge to do everything in my power to assist the group collectively, and its members individually, on their journey.

"I look forward to joining them again and participating in some of the activities already being planned for the future.

"Congratulations to Amy and all the others involved in this initiative.”