CUSTOMERS will have an opportunity to enjoy food and drinks outside a popular Kilwinning pub this summer.

The owners of the Abbey Gates in Kilwinning applied for a licence for outside seating, with the case coming before the Licensing Board on Monday.

The business was represented by Stephen McGowan, with Liz Brady and Thomas Murray attending on behalf of the pub.

Mr McGowan said: “This is an application to introduce two external facilities. There is a small one at the front on the Main Street and a rear terrace one. The area to the rear has four wooden picnic benches.

“The council roads department have already granted Section 59 permission for use of the area in front of Main Street.

“So the hearing today is hopefully the last piece of the puzzle and let us take advantage of the use of that space. Hopefully summer will arrive soon."

While Mr McGowan also looked to explain further how these outdoor areas would be utilised.

He added: “Both areas will be food and drink service, both areas will be covered by CCTV and Thomas and his team will bring out food and drink out and clear the plates and glasses.

“The area to the rear is a fixed external area and the front has windbreakers to make sure the proportion of pedestrianised space if space is lined off.

“The front space we are using is space we have been given approval for.

“For Kilwinning this is a bit novel – a couple of others places in the area do not have ability to have outside seating.

“For this pub it’s a good thing and we will work with the council so we make use of the space to get use of the front and hopefully it will add something to the vibrancy of the pedestrianised area.”

Plastic glasses will be used and the facility will be open from 11am until 10pm.

A motion, proposed by Garnock Valley independent councillor Donald L. Reid, to grant the application, was unanimously backed by the board.