ScotRail will introduce a temporary train timetable between Ayrshire and Glasgow tomorrow, as the dispute with drivers' union ASLEF continues.

It will mean fewer trains between local stations and Glasgow at certain times of the day.

The rail firm said the move would "provide greater certainty and reliability for customers".

This move comes as a result of the impact of fewer train drivers than normal currently being available for overtime or rest day working, following confirmation from drivers’ union ASLEF that it will recommend to its Executive Committee a ballot for industrial action over pay.

Over the past number of weeks, the train operator has been in pay discussions with the rail trade unions, ASLEF, RMT, TSSA, and Unite.

A formal pay offer in line with the Scottish Government’s public sector pay policy was made on Friday, July 5, however, this was rejected by all four trade unions.

ScotRail said today: "While we are currently recruiting 160 new drivers – the highest level ever – each year to improve resilience, some rest day working and overtime is still needed to deliver a normal timetable.

"This has historically been the case in the railway and is replicated in other train operators across Britain.

"Reducing the timetable temporarily will mean ScotRail is able to provide a more reliable service for customers instead of late-notice cancellations."

The temporary timetable will see ScotRail operating around 1,660 services each day Monday to Saturday, which they said was nearly 200 more services than the one introduced in 2022 when there was similar disruption.

The temporary timetable will also provide more than 515,000 seats each day, around twice the number of passenger journeys being made.

They added: "While the times of first or last trains on more than half of all routes will remain unchanged, there will be changes in the number of services provided during the morning and evening peak times – for example, where there are normally four trains per hour in the peak, this will reduce to a half hourly service, which is the same as the off-peak.

"ScotRail is working on plans to support upcoming major events, including The Open at Royal Troon, and will update customers in the coming days."

The new Ayrshire timetable is:

First trains to and from Ayrshire:

  • 6am Glasgow to Ayr
  • 7.15am Glasgow to Ardrossan Harbour 06:45 Glasgow to Largs
  • 5.36am Ayr to Glasgow
  • 6.30am Ardrossan South Beach to Glasgow
  • 6.36am Largs to Glasgow
  • 8.48am Ardrossan Harbour to Glasgow

Morning peak service of:

  • Two trains per hour from Ayr to Glasgow
  • One train per hour from Largs to Glasgow
  • One train per hour from Ardrossan Harbour to Glasgow

Core daytime service of:

  • Two trains per hour between Glasgow and Ayr
  • One train per hour between Glasgow and Largs
  • One train per hour between Glasgow and Ardrossan Harbour

Evening peak service of:

  • Two trains per hour from Glasgow to Ayr
  • One train per hour from Glasgow to Largs
  • One train per hour from Glasgow to Ardrossan Harbour

Evening service of:

  • One train per hour between Glasgow and Ayr
  • One train every hour or two between Largs and Glasgow

Last trains:

  • 00.15am Glasgow to Ayr
  • 10.45pm Glasgow to Largs
  • 6.15pm Glasgow to Ardrossan Harbour
  • 11.05pm Ayr to Glasgow
  • 8.48pm Ardrossan Harbour to Glasgow (Mondays to Fridays only)
  • 7.48pm Ardrossan Harbour to Glasgow (Saturdays only)
  • 10.53pm Largs to Glasgow