Police in Ayrshire are stressing the importance of being prepared before going walking in the hills following the recent rescue of a woman on Arran.

A female walker lost in a densely wooded area of the island was located with the aid of a helicopter thermal imaging camera at the weekend.

The woman got lost in the woods on Saturday, July 6, sparking a rescue effort.

But thanks to teamwork between Police Scotland and their air support unit, Arran's Mountain Rescue team and local officers, she was located and brought to safety.

Officers are now reminding people that even in current milder conditions, mountainous areas are prone to change very quickly.

They have issued the following advice to follow, with a number of essential items to take...

  • Leave details of your route.
  • Wear boots suitable for activity.
  • Wear layered, bright clothing - base layer, insulating mid layer, breathable waterproof jacket, hood, trousers, hat, gloves.
  • Navigation devices - smartphones/GPS - are excellent until they stop working. Have a local map, working compass & a knowledge to use them.
  • Take a rucksack suitable for your activity.
  • Pack safety equipment - whistle, head torch, batteries, survival bag, shelter, first aid kit, mobile phone.
  • Consider taking a sun hat, sunglasses, sun screen, midge net, food including emergency rations, and a water bottle.

For more information see Scottish Mountain Rescue at https://orlo.uk/59JNt, and in an emergency call 999.