LAST week was a great one for Stevenston star Grado - as the famous Three Towns personality got married.

Graeme Stevely tied the knot with his partner Stephanie at the Lochside Hotel in New Cumnock on Friday, June 9.

The wrestling, TV and radio star shared stunning snaps alongside the new Mrs Stevely after the pair had celebrated their special day.

And in true Grado fashion he also shared his hilarious groom's speech.

He began with a touching tribute to his mother Maureen, who passed away in late 2017, before changing his tone to a more sarcastic style.

He said: "I know my mum would be looking down on my proud as punch.

"But I also know that my mum would like to pass on to my dad - to stop using her Facebook account."

Explaining exactly what he meant, Grado added: "Just a fortnight ago the BBC posted the official news that Dundee United had been relegated.

"Maureen Stevely commented - 'Ya beauty'."

Though he didn't stop there.

The Stevenston star continued: "Maureen Stevely in 2021, three years after she passed away, was haggling with a woman from Troon for a disability scooter.

"Maureen Stevely wrote to the woman, 'scooter too dear, I stay in Stevenston tap end, one of most deprived areas in Scotland - and my son Grado.'

"The woman replied, 'well get Grado to give you a tap'.

"Maureen Stevely replied 'Graeme no got panto this year - he skint'."

In true Grado fashion, he had the room in fits of laughter as he delivered his unique and hilarious speech.

We are sure the wedding was a wonderful occasion, and all at the Herald wish to pass on our congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Stevely.