Reddit users have reacted to a 'heartbreaking' story on the platform which details a strained relationship between the post's author and their sister.

Am I the A******  or AITA posts are all the rage on social media at the moment as they confront difficult-to-navigate social dynamics between friends, family and partners - with the hope of finding a solution amongst strangers.

One of the latest scenarios to go viral on the internet involves an 'evil' sister and how their behaviour led the original poster (OP) to 'ruin their life'. 

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As you might expect, Reddit users haven't been able to get enough and many have taken to the comments to support its writer. 

One person advised: "Go no contact with your family and it’s up to you if you want to forgive your sister. But don’t go back."

A second individual added: “Bro it’s high time you got out of your house. You deserve better.”

Meanwhile, a third user wrote: “This is so heartbreaking. I grew up with siblings who got better treatment. I hope OP finds joy again.”

Read the story below and let us know what you think of the situation in the comments.

Reddit user ruined sister's life after she ruined their credit

Telling the story, the Redditor shared that they had a little sister who has always been considered the 'golden child'.

The sister was their “rainbow baby” - a term for children born after a previous miscarriage or pregnancy complication.

As a result, the OP said that they never refused to meet any of her demands.

The 21-year-old OP went on to say that they had spent the majority of their life sharing their belongings with their little sister, 18, who did not do the same.

The post's author added that their parents always prioritized their daughter, leading them to feel like they were undeserving of their affection.

The Redditor explained that they felt like their emotions were being ignored and that the sister always got what she asked for and even used things that belonged to them.

However, there were never any repercussions to this kind of behaviour, according to the OP.

The parents apparently never found issues with their daughter’s behaviour even if she went to her older sibling’s room and broke stuff, including a PS4, which the OP bought with their own money.

The OP claimed that their parents would simply reply that their sister is "only a child" and the issues were simply brushed aside.

On the occasion that the sister didn't get it her way,  she would throw tantrums and fall on the ground crying, only to get what she wanted.

The writer also claimed that they had to take care of their expenses which included school and sports supplies in high school since their mum and dad invested all their money in their sister.

After deciding enough was enough, the OP began saving until they had enough to move out of their parent's house.

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This is when they realised how 'evil' their sister really was.

The Redditor began looking for a flat only to realise that their credit score was extremely low, even though they had never owned a credit line.

The OP checked with the bank and to their horror discovered that their sister had taken out multiple credit cards using the sibling’s name and had maxed them all out.

The post's author hadn’t been more furious in their life and when they showed their parents the proof of what the sister had done, they defended their daughter as always and said “she is just a kid” and “probably didn’t understand” what she was up to.

But how did the writer ruin their sister's life?

The OP decided that they were going to spend the next few days at a friend’s house, and turn off their phone so that they could serve their sister.

When the OP went to their parents’s house to pick up their belongings, the sister pleaded with them to drop the charges against her as it would ruin her life even before she graduated high school.

However, the OP was determined to follow through and sue their sister for all the money she had stolen.