As the immensely popular Billy Connolly celebrates his 80th birthday on November 24, many are looking back at his illustrious career spanning several decades.

The Scottish comedian was born in Glasgow's Anderson area in 1942 and went from being a welder on the Clyde before making a transition into music, comedy, and film.

Affectionately known as the Big Yin, Billy Connolly is fondly remembered in his hometown as 'Glasgow's favourite son'.

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When is Billy Connolly's birthday?

Billy Connolly's 80th birthday will take place on Thursday, November 24.

Some of Billy Connolly's funniest moments as the stand-up comedian celebrates his 80th birthday

Without further ado, here are Billy Connolly's 7 funniest moments accompanied by video clips from YouTube:

7. Swearing - 1975

In Connolly's 1975 Big Banana Feet tour of Ireland, he made a joke about how he gets around swearing in front of his kids and comments on a controversy regarding swearing on television.

6. House Party in Glasgow - 1999

Billy Connolly tells the audience how he met his friend Harkins and talks about his experience with actors and filthy flats.

5. Cinema food

In his live set in New York, Connolly makes hilarious observations about the modern cinema experience.

4. Potatoes of the Night - 1994

In this 1994 clip, the Big Yin takes aim at pretentious restaurant menus that are too vague and items like 'potatoes of the night'.

3. Shipyard tale - 1981

Billy Connolly recalls his time as a 16-year-old working in one of Glasgow's shipyards.

2. How to write a country song - 1981

At the same concert, Billy Connolly breaks down how to make a typical country song while donning a cowboy hat and one of his signature acoustic guitars.

1. Glasgow Airport terrorist attack - 2007

While the Glasgow Airport terrorist attack in 2007 was a very serious matter, Bill Connolly was still able to see a funny side in it in this noughties standup routine.

In the show, he remarks: "What were they f****** thinking about bringing terror to Glasgow."

Adding: "I'm not sure you're religious fanatics without a football team."

The clip has garnered 6.8 million Youtube views and can be watched here:

To see more funny Billy Connolly moments, please visit the official Billy Connolly YouTube Channel.